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As Dragon Boat is a fun activity and competitive sport for people in all ages, Tokyo Dragon decided to have a Masters Team. With those with the age of 40 or above, The Masters Team was founded in the autumn of 2002. The team activities started with occasional training sessions followed by social gathering. However, it did not take so long for many other people to join the team. Currently, the team is large enough to participate in the World Championship Race 2004.

Just like Tokyo Dragon, the members of the masters team have diversified background and varied age group; from active paddler to fun seekers.

Resume of year 2003

Early Summer 2003
: First training session with full size boat was held in Kachidoki.
16th August 2003
: First ever race for the team was 16yh Ayumi Dragon Boat Race in Kasumigaura.
Strong wind and tide made the races very tough. But even in the not-ideal condition, Tokyo Dragon Masters Team finished the race as 4th place and was awarded a special prize of sweet potatoes, local produce in the area. The race was very close that the team which placed 3rd was only 0.1 second faster than the masters team. Japan Training Center team won, followed by Maihamagawa Tankentai, and then by Dynamites.

The team's target for the year 2004 is to participate in the World Dragon Boat Championship Race which will be held in Shanghai in autumn and to win a medal. Already we have got first prize in Yokohama Dragonboat race (Saturday Challenge-Cup), held in May 29th.

Do you want to represent your country? Now is the time to start paddling. In the seniors category, there is still a big room for you to be a national champion.

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We won in Yokohama Dragon boat race! (2004/05/29)