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Tokyo Dragon Boat Club is an interesting mix of people with diversified background; people from different age group, nationality, gender, profession and fitness level. Blending the thoughts, ideas and objectives that each member brings to the team, Tokyo Dragon works as a team with mutual respect and shared understanding of Dragon Boat, a team sport with its origin in Asia. Our team activities are three dimensional.

Firstly, Tokyo Dragon Boat Club is a competitive team. Because of coming Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, there has been a remarkably increased attention towards Asian or Asian rooted sport and dragon boat is not an exception. Although it probably is fair to say that Dragon Boat is unlikely to be an official Olympic event, however, Dragon Boat is becoming ever more popular in and outside Asia. Japan also sees increased popularity of this sport. We are a leading club in Japan, being selected to represent the country for the races as World Championship Race and Asia Championship.

Secondly, Tokyo Dragon Boat Club is a social team. Dragon Boat is a team sport and the competitiveness relies on the both individual and team effort. On and off the shore, we communicate, socialize and interact with fellow paddlers in/out of the team and the circle is truly borderless.

Lastly, Tokyo Dragon Boat Club is a community friendly team. We are proud of the fact that each member has a shared mission of promoting Dragon Boat to a greater public in Japan. At the same time, we acknowledge the responsibility to serve the community. Currently, our training base is located in Edogawa-ku in Tokyo. We actively participate in many community events and work as volunteers. We strongly hope that through suchactivities, the local community and its residents will acknowledge the sport as well as the team.

In essence, Tokyo Dragon Boat Club is a competitive yet friendly team. Come join us, if you can share our objectives. Our doors are always open.

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